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Owner Michael W. Bland Former St. Louis County Police Officer

St. Louis Womens Self Defense

Womens Self Defense, Firearms, Deadly Force Training

When women need Womens Self Defense, Firearms, and Deadly Force Training  they trust Defense STL, owned by, Michael W. Bland, Missouri & Illinois Tae Kwon Do State Champion. We help women learn thew confidence and will power to succesfully prevent Rape, Crajacking, Home Invasion, Kidnapping, Sex Trafficking, Assault, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Domestic Abuse and much more. going away to college, moving to a big city, or concerned about crime and their personal safety and need to learn Womens Self Defense Lessons for Womens Basic Self Defense, Self Defense Techniques for Women, Personal Protection moves and more near them without the hassle of germs, disease, and Covid and want to train in the safe confines of their home, business, or other areas without the extrra driving and spending gas money we have solved this problem. We provide a cutting edge mobile training instructors for St. Louis Womens Self Defense who provide Private Self Defense Lessons for women needing to learn Karate, Kickboxing, Boxing, Fitness, Brazilian Jujitsu, Jeet Kune Do, Krav Maga, Womens Protection Techniques, Escrima Knife & Stick Fighting, Tae Kwon Do, Rape Prevention, Womens Basic & Advanced Defense, Carjackjing Prevention, Robbery Prevention, Home Invasion Training, and Private Firearms Training. Contact us today for a Free Womens Self Defense Consultation.

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Womens Self Defense - #1 Womens Self Defense

When Women need Womens Self Defense Lessons, Martial Arts, or Karate Private Self Defense Lessons near them near them for learning Personal Protection Techniques for Women they trust Defense STL, the #1 rated Saint Louis Womens Self Defense Academy. For a Free Women’s Self Defense Free Consultation please contact us today! We offer group sessions, individual training, and long-term Self Defense Classes for Women.

#1 Women’s Self Defense Lessons

At Women’s Self Defense we teach in has blown away the competition once women take our Personal Protection classes that are customize and catered for the professional busy woman that has minimal time in her day to train and needs to learn the most powerful Womens Self Defense Basic & Advanced techniques that will increase her survivability in any street encounter.

To learn more about our Women’s Self Defense Private Lessons and to learn how we can develop a customized Women’s Self Defense Training Curriculum for you, friends, or family members.

Our Women’s Self Defense Tools & Techniques

When Women need Womens Self Defense Classes or Private Womens Self Defense Lessons to learn how to effectively defend them selves against Rape, Robbery, Burglary, Carjacking, Home Invasion, or other dangerous encounters that women are bombarded with on a day-to-day basis we can help. What separates us from most cookie cutter defense & Martial Arts Schools is they teach things they have never had the opportunity to put into practice and see if it in fact really works.

This is because our company was founded by Law Enforcement veterans with over 25 years’ experience in learning, using, and Womens Self Defense Techniques combined from a vast array of Martial Arts styles that are simple and effective in protecting yourself.

There is no substitute for real world experience and that is what we have. Let’s make one thing clear. Anyone can obtain a Martial Arts Instructor certificate. Not everyone then places these years of training and study into a career like we have where fighting often meant going home alive. When you train this way also it makes your view on protecting yourself and how serious it is going to another level.

Learn more about our Women’s Self Defense  

Women choose us at their go to for Womens Self Defense instructors because we teach much more than just Self Defense Techniques for Women. We teach Situational Awareness, Basic & Advanced Firearms Training, and Weapons Training. This makes our students the most well rounded when it comes to teaching them  Women’s Self Defense.

Womens Self Defense Service Areas

St. Louis, Ballwin, Bella Villa, Bellefontaine Neighbors, Bellerive Acres, Bel-Nor, Bel- Ridge, Berkeley, Beverly Hills, Blackjack, Breckenridge Hills, Brentwood, Bridgeton, Calverton Park, Champ, Charlack, Chesterfield, Clarkson Valley, Clayton, Cool Valley, Country Club Hills, Country Life Acres, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Crystal Lake park, Dellwood, Des Peres, Edmundson, Ellisville, Eureka, Fenton, Ferguson, Flordell Hills, Florissant, Frontenac, Glendale, Glen Echo Park, Grantwood Village, Green Park, Greendale, Hanley Hills, Hazelwood, Hillsdale, Huntleigh, Jennings, Kinloch, Kirkwood, Ladue, Lakeshire, Mackenzie, Manchester, Maplweood, Marlborough, Maryland Heights, Moline Acres, Normandy, Northwoods, Norwood Court, Oakland, Olivette, Overland, Pacific, Pagedale, Pasadena Hills, Pasadena Park, Pine Lawn, Richmond Heights, Riverview, Rock Hill, Shrewsbury, St. Ann, St. George, St. John, Sunset Hills, Sycamore Hills, Town & Country, Twin Oaks, Univeristy City, Uplands Park, Valley Park, Velda City, Velda Village Hills, Vinita Park, vinita Park, Vinita Park Terrace, Warson Woods, Webster Groves, Wellston, Westwood, Wilbur Park, Wildwod, Winchester, Woodson Terrace, Saint Charles, St. Peters, Wentzville, O Fallon, Cottleville, Lake Saint Louis, Weldon Springs, Dardenne Prairie, Augusta, Defiance, New Melle, Saint Paul, Portage de Sioux, West Alton, Flint Hill, Josephville, Weldon Spring Heights, Edwardsville, Belleville, Collinsville, Fairview Heights, O Fallon, Glen Carbon, Jerseyville, Alton, Godfrey, Woodriver, Roxanna, Highland, Mascoutah, Macomb, Jacksonville, Chicago, Springfield, Litchfield

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